Rejection Hurts, Here We Go Again

Rejection hurts no matter where it came from. Whether a job, family member or the obvious, a lover. When rejected by love we feel lowest of the low. Our heart is a thousand times heavier and our thoughts are scrambled trying to understand the rejection. Let me be clear, some rejection is normal parts of […]


How Many Bad Relationships Will I have?

  At a certain maturity level we have to question our ability in choosing the right guy or more importantly, the right situation. Are you a serial dater? Does the question, How many bad relationships will I have? enter your thoughts more often then not? If you have asked yourself this question, you are a […]


I Can’t Believe You Said That

What we hear is undoubtedly the words that were spoken. However, the translation of those words are twisted to meet other experiences we have had. The old cliche’ of not letting past relationships dictate how we are in a current relationship is exactly what happens. However, it was developed long before your first crush. Much […]


Are You Broken, Or Them?

I was married once but did not have a marriage. The presence of the same person makes us feel the need to make it  all work out. As I grew, he remained the same. We are all damaged in some way. We either keep learning and growing or remain stuck in our damaged ways. Years […]


I Won’t Accept That! (Insert behavior here)

This is an actual conversation that accured between me and friend. This friend had been going through some pretty darn hard circumstances that were out of her control. Her husband. This had taken place couple years back but this simple phrase still rings true for so many woman, that we indeed do accept “that”. At […]


Parenting 101 was Never Taught

Parenting 101 isn’t taught. We were sent home with a new person to safely buckle up. Now what?! Here you are years later trying to mold a person into a rightgeous human being, that says “please” and “thank you”. It is no secret that this day in age having children can be frustrating to watch […]